Wombeyan Caves

Posted by , 15 Jul 2017

A day in the countryside with good friends – priceless

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30/05/2015 Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik – some parts are old, some parts are modern, all of it is fascinating.

29/05/2015 Day trip to Montenegro

A daytrip from Dubrovnik gives us the opportunity to briefly explore another country.

24/05/2015 The Glacier Express

Another trip in our final attempt at exploring Switzerland.

17/05/2015 Provence

A long weekend in Provence. It sounds like a title for a book, but is an easy drive from Geneva.

04/05/2015 Berlin

We manage to pack a lot into our long weekend in Berlin.

27/04/2015 Turkey - Istanbul, Cannakele and Troy

Sprawling, fascinating and beautiful Istanbul, with a few stops in other places in Turkey.

25/04/2015 ANZAC Day 2015

At Gallipoli for the Anzac Day Centenary commemorations.

19/04/2015 Driving through the Jura

A day trip through the Jura and explore a bit closer to home.

18/04/2015 Perouges and Lyon

Driving in the French countryside, with a couple of destinations in mind.

13/04/2015 Neuchatel

Neuchatel is another one of those towns we only seem to pass through on the way to somewhere else.


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