Wombeyan Caves

Posted by , 15 Jul 2017

A day in the countryside with good friends – priceless

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29/05/2016 Vivid Sydney

Sydney is alight in sound and colour for Vivid 2016.

01/05/2016 Tasmania

A long weekend in Tasmania and the chance to reconnect with some familiar places.

26/04/2016 Camping weekend in Kiama

Another long weekend means it must be time to go camping again!

17/04/2016 Weekend trip to Sydney

A short weekend in Sydney. Photography was my main entertainment for the weekend.

29/03/2016 Camping at Tuross

Our annual Easter camping trip to Tuross.

15/02/2016 Springbrook National Park

A leisurely drive through the Gold Coast hinterland reveals some natural delights.

14/02/2016 Gold Coast

A few days on the Gold Coast reminds me how it’s just a tourist hotspot. But at least you can swim in the sea every day.

30/01/2016 Wellington

Wellington marks the end of our New Zealand holiday.

28/01/2016 Napier

A night in Napier in the Royal Suite.

28/01/2016 Taupo

Mudflats and waterfalls on our drive from Rotorua to Napier.


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