Camping at Tuross

Posted by , 29 March 2016

Our annual Easter camping trip to Tuross.

We’re back in the swing of camping, this time it’s the annual return to Tuross.

It always amazes me each time we visit how the landscape is shaped by the sea. The inlet from the sea to the lakes is different each time – sometimes, wide and coming right up to the campsites but this time narrower which allows for a broad beach between the campsites and the water.

We started off with the mandatory fish and chips for dinner. I don’t know why, but every time we’re by the sea I think we should eat fish and chips no matter how disappointing it is (and it usually is!).

As always, camping is about relaxation. It’s pretty easy with the amenities near by (essential at my age) plus local shops for supplies. There’s nothing to do really, except read, gossip and eat.

We’re still relearning the old tricks for an efficient set up. We can work steadily as a pair on the bigger things (tent, dome) and then separately on the smaller things but it’s still well over an hour until we’re satisfied. And packing up takes longer if anything as it takes some care to properly pack the trailer again (plus there’s just the reluctance for the week to come to an end). It means we’re increasingly jealous of our friends with caravans and camper trailers who can quickly set up their sites and spend more time relaxing.

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