Potato Point

Posted by , 5 October 2015

It’s our first camping holiday in more than two years and we’re not quite sure how it all works.

We went down to Potato Point for a long weekend of camping.

It’s been so long since we’ve been camping that there was a fair bit of effort in assembling all of the gear, including buying upgrades to some of our equipment together with just tracking it all down.

We arrived in the dark so setting up was a pain – luckily there were lots of friends to provide help or ‘moral support’. So by the time you set up, you’re tired from a week of work and the effort of getting settled down so you’re not relaxed enough to enjoy it.
But as usual after a good night’s sleep – albeit a bit cool – we started to relax.

Beachcomber Holiday Park at Potato Point is a beautiful spot with the sound of the waves on one side and the noisy call of frogs on the other. The camping ground was full with lots of families. The only downside is the lack of power – we’re all set up for glamping so the inability to even make a decent cup of coffee comes as a shock. Fortunately, Potato Point is still close to civilisation – there’s a good coffee shop nearby at Bodalla and Moruya isn’t much further away.

Of course, in the end we were so relaxed and into the casual rythm of camping that it was a wrench to have to pack up. We delayed as long as we could and in the end we were the last of our friends to leave. We loved it so much that we’re already talking about when we can go camping again!

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