Wedding bells and stress

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Weddings are supposed to be fun….aren’t they?

The date is fast approaching and the stress levels are increasing. I never anticipated being the mother of the groom, in fact I have never really thought about attending our children’s weddings at all…until now.

Jonathan and Casey will tie the knot on February 15th. All of a sudden, I am wondering how I will feel watching my youngest son marry the woman he loves. It seems like only yesterday that it was me walking down the aisle, with bright hopes for the future and a wonderful man waiting for me at the altar. Will I be happy or sad? I suspect it will be a bit of both. Of course I am happy that he has found a beautiful woman who loves him and with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life. But there will be some sadness also. Jonathan’s grandfather won’t be there to witness the the first of his grandchildren get married. I will be sad about how quickly the years have flown, and that this is the final step into adulthood of my own baby. But at the same time I will be very proud of the man he has become.

Will Jonathan feel anxious? Will he feel scared? Or will he just have a huge sense of relief that the big day has finally arrived? I am sure he will have a mixture of all of these feelings, but hope that his overwhelming feeling is of happiness.

So what are the stresses about this big day? First was the stress of finding something suitable to wear. Under strict instructions about not buying something that my mother or grandmother might wear (even though “mother of the groom” conjures images of suits and hats in pink or mauve!), I set out to find the perfect dress. After trying on about 20, I have finally settled for a Sacha Drake design. I have owned one or two of her designs before, and she has a knack of making clothes that flatter and are comfortable and different. It’s certainly not what I had in mind when I set out on my shopping expedition, but I hope it will be ok on the day. Shoes are purchased, hairdresser is booked and I think I am ready.

Second is the stress about the finer details of the day…how will we get the timing right, what have we forgotten, what do I actually have to DO on the day? Hopefully in the next two weeks I can figure all that out.

Third is the stress that none of our children seem to be talking to each other at the moment. Will they be able to come together and celebrate without fighting? Will they all scrub up ok on the day and look presentable in photos? I guess this, too, will work itself out. Stephen is one of the groomsman, and every suit fitting has been like pulling teeth. I think he is also supposed to be singing on the day. I am sure he will do a great job of both, if we can just get him there!

I am sure that after finishing work next week and Anura arrives, some of the stress will disappear. Maybe a little bit of stress is not a bad thing. After all, complacency can be dangerous. Whatever happens, my greatest wish is that this will be the happiest day of Jono’s life, and that he enjoys every minute of it. Oh, and that we get at least one decent family photo as a memento!

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  1. Pauline Wassall

    Juliane, please when you have the time find a publisher and your put writings together and create your book. I can even find a group of people to critique!
    BTW this brought back a few of my own memories which made the eyes glisten :)

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