Floriade Nightfest 2017

Posted by , 28 September 2016

Floriade Nightfest for 2017 seemed to miss a ‘wow’ factor.

After really enjoying Floriade Nightfest in 2016, we bought tickets and headed out for the first night. That was a stroke of good luck as rain meant it was cancelled for the following nights.

Last year, the standout feature was the light and music show on the water and without it I found the 2017 Nightfest to be static and fairly boring. Practically everything was in the same place as it always is – ferris wheel, food stands, flower beds.

Of course, as a night program the flowerbeds are barely visible so it takes something else to really set it apart. Yes, there were alternative light installations but nothing with the drama and changing nature of the 2016 show.

I should be more positive I know. The atmosphere is good, it’s very well organised and I think it’s important to act like a local and support local events. Maybe for others there was a ‘wow’ factor – but not for me this year.

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