Enlighten 2017 and the Night Noodle Markets

Posted by , 6 March 2017

The Night Noodle Markets now eclipse Enlighten!

Following last year’s experience, we were back at the Night Noodle Markets as soon as they opened. And then again on the following weekend.

But first – why no mention of Enlighten Again, the concept hasn’t changed much so it’s really only the designs that are projected on the buildings. As always, the tall panels on the National Library lend themselves to a structure display. The moving images on Questacon take full advantage of the available two sides to provide images that neatly blend across the join. Old Parliament House is probably the best, as the artists really use their skill on an old building with no single wide canvas to work from. The National Portrait Gallery featured constantly moving ‘selfies’ made by people in the crowds and the National Gallery was disappointing – it featured large photos from Versailles which seemed more to be a promotion for their current exhibition than an attempt to do some creative with the large blank walls available.

So again, the attraction of good food at the Night Noodle Markets was the main attraction. On our first outing, we aimed for the post-family timeslot and it was relatively calm. On our next outing, we went right in the middle of the peak and the place was packed. But starting with the security guards, everyone was friendly and happy.

Our ‘find’ this year was the “phoritto” – all the makings of a Vietnamese pho minus the soup wrapped up in a tortilla. That was well worth going back for a second time.

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