First pager call of the season

Posted by , 22 December 2016

The first pager call of the season is a test of my preparation and the driving time to the shed.

At 4am the pager goes off. At that time, I’m in a deep sleep and struggle to identify the sound and then peer at the small screen to read the details – a car fire on the Monaro Highway.

I still felt sluggish as I went down, threw on my gear and drove to the shed. Of course, I passed the car fire on the way with ACT Fire and Rescue already in attendance.

I got to the shed to find an all-officer crew for the truck. But a quick call to Comcen proved that we weren’t needed so we headed home.

I was pleased with the turnaround time from our new place at Greenway to the shed – I managed it in around 13 minutes. I was less pleased with the sound of construction starting at 5:30am just as I was trying to get back to sleep.

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